Mission Mahavari | A Social Initiative


Game Developer


May 2019 - Present


C#, Unity 3D, Blender


Mission Mahavari

Mission Mahavari is a video game I developed to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene and fight against the social taboos surrounding menstruation. This project is aimed towards helping underprivileged girls between the ages of 12-15.

After creating the game using Blender and Unity, I was ready to take it to the masses. I partnered with several organisations like Shakti-Shalini, Sadrag, Room to Read, and the Inner Wheel Club of Delhi to conduct workshops in government schools and women's shelters.

To measure the effectiveness of the game in changing people's mindsets, I conducted pre- and post-game surveys, the results of which are showcased below.





Game Characters

Crimson Crusader

Players play as the Crimson Crusader, on a quest to learn about menstrual health and rid the world of the archaic social taboos surrounding menstruation.

Period Monsters

There are 5 of these monsters in the game, representing the (on average) five days of a menstrual cycle. Defeating these monsters rewards the player with a sanitary pad to promote proper hygiene.

Cramp Monsters

All twisted up, these monsters represent menstrual cramps, shooting bolts of pain at the player from time to time. Defeating these monsters rewards the player with a hot water bottle as a means of overcoming these cramps in real life.

Survey Results

Gameplay Video

Girls Benefited
Partner Organizations
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Aarushi Agarwal
Gender & Sexuality Affirmative Practitioner

While working on the game on menstruation, Dhruv was very thorough in his research. He has a lot of curiosity and is eager to learn. He takes feedback positively, and is always willing to work to make things better no matter what. The game is a fantastic resource and has many future applications as well.