Pravahkriti | A Social Initiative


IT Head


July 2018 - April 2019


HTML, CSS, GML, Javascript


Pravahkriti is a social project I helped start in my school aimed at promoting menstrual education and awareness across all sections of society.

As the IT Head, I created and maintained the website, as well as developed a 2D platformer game, Crimson Crusade, available on the website.

Apart from these, I also acted as a photographer for a number of events, and even edited a few videos, some of which I shot as well. One such video is showcased below, where we asked people on the street basic questions about menstrual hygiene.





a beautiful creation

Street Interview

Nirmala Nair
India Director, WASH United

I feel the work you are doing is absolutely fantastic; it’s like nothing I’ve seen before. I haven’t seen so many boys participate in anything to do with menstrual hygiene management anywhere. It’s fantastic to see it. Kudos to you guys!

RJ Sayema
Radio Mirchi

It’s amazing to see you (Team Pravahkriti) standing up for what is right and taking on this cause despite what people tell you, at such a young age. Keep up the work you’re doing!