TLC | Internship




June 2019


HTML, CSS, SEO, Digital Marketing



TLC is the leading company to market and manage high quality, customized customer acquisition and engagement programs for almost every large hotel chain in India, such as Marriott, Hilton, Taj, and ITC.

After working with various departments throughout the organization, I learned and helped with a variety of tasks. These include website testing, mass mailer creation and deployment, database structuring, and advertisement designing.

Apart from these, I also helped with setting up a new centralized server and migrating existing systems over to the new server.

Kamini Sharma
Marketing Head, TLC Relationship Management Pvt. Ltd.

I met with Dhruv when he was doing his internship with us. I found him to be very sincere with a tech bent of mind. He was also curious to learn, which I thought was a good trait.