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Dhruv Jain

Hey, I'm Dhruv!

Hello! I'm a soon-to-be UCLA Computer Engineering grad with a passion for turning people's dreams into a tech reality. Currently seeking full-time opportunities in hardware design, embedded systems, product management, and related fields.

About Me Get to know more about me. If a skill you seek isn't listed here, know that I'm working on it and I'm a super quick learner!

Get to know me!

I'm Dhruv Jain and I'm a computer engineer located in Los Angeles (open to relocation). I have experience with both hardware and software roles and I am excited to embark on my next journey.

Let's connect and explore how we can turn technology into innovation together.


My Skills

Embedded Systems
Logic and Digital Design
Computer Architecture
System Integration/Verification
3D Modeling/Animation
Under construction...

Projects Check out some of my more notable projects. For more information about each, just click the button!

mouse mover demo screenshot

Mouse Mover

A gesture-controlled mouse developed as a proof-of-concept for an HCI device designed to improve accessibility. The prototype uses a single gyroscope and accelerometer to recognize six user-defined motions, trains on this input data using an embedded ML framework, and can then interact with an actual computer and control the cursor.

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mixbot image


An automated bartending machine that takes user input via a web app, and combines ingredients to create custom cocktails. The amount of each ingredient can be specified manually or the user can pick from a list of pre-programmed drinks.

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fpga drummer image

FPGA Drummer

A four-track drum machine created using a Digilent Basys3 FPGA and programmed in Verilog. The system takes user input via a series of physical switches and loops different drum beats. These beats can be layered on top of each other and the system calculates and outputs the correct audio frequency and gain accordingly.

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